Why Moms Love Palm for Their Kids

Picking out a phone for your children for the first time can be a little daunting. You want your children to have a fully functional and easy-to-use phone so you can stay connected to them at all times, but you don’t want them to be completely consumed by a giant screen. There are just so many needless distractions and potentially harmful content out there, that many parents are looking for a phone that is more kid-friendly. Not only do huge phone screens make it harder for kids to stay focused on the real world, especially as they head back-to-school, but they’re often too big for their small pockets and hands, come with complicated user interfaces and cost way too much.

More and more parents want a phone that is small and affordable, but still want all the conveniences and features of a much bigger (and more expensive) smartphone. This is where Palm comes in. Simply put, Palm it is designed to be kid-proof, inside and out. Life Mode is going to be every parents new best friend, especially when their kids are away at school. We also built Palm with Gorilla Glass and made sure it is IP68 water and dust resistant because we know what kind of wear and tear kids can put a phone through.

Palm was thoughtfully designed for parents and children alike. We’ve had a bunch of parents reach out and tell us why Palm has been the perfect first phone for their child. Hear directly from parents on why they choose Palm for their kids:

“The Palm is revolutionary for me as a mom in tech looking for the best way for my son and me to stay connected. I’ve evaluated a ton of options, and they were either too babyish, too big, too unreliable, or too risky. The smartwatches didn’t cut it, and the iPhone was too big and too risky. The Palm is the perfect solution for when I need to call or text my son, and vice versa. The location-tracking and parental control options are fabulous, accurate, and dependable. The Gorilla Glass and water-resistant features are key for durability, and the size is perfect. It’s truly just the coolest phone ever. I was originally going to wait until he was much older to give him a smartphone, but once I saw the Palm, I realized we could get connected in a safer way, right away.” - Titania Jordan, mom to a 10-year-old and Chief Parent Officer of Bark.us

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“We had been debating forever about getting a mobile device for Arjun! Of course it can be very daunting getting kids their first phone! But thanks to @palm for making it such a great experience! Now we can stay connected with him anywhere, never have to miss a moment and yet he isn’t consumed by the giant screen! It’s the perfect first phone and about the size of a pack of gum. I love how I can clip it on him and it becomes a GPS tracker on my phone when need be!” - Mansi Basandrai, mom to 8-year-old

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“Getting your kids their first phone can be such a daunting task. Now it doesn't have to be though thanks to @palm being the perfect first phone for kids. Palm is amazing because it still gives the kids the ability to contact us without letting them be consumed by another huge screen. Plus I love that with how Jace elopes so much with his autism, I can clip it on him and it allows me to keep a GPS location on him right on my phone with the parents app that connects to the Palm.” - Nicole Bailey, mom to 7-year-old

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“Who else has a pre-teen that has been over using the question, 'When can I get a phone?' for what feels like an eternity ?? For years, Javien has asked, almost daily, because according to him, all his friends have a phone. Sorry, I’m not paying $60+ dollars a month for you to play games ?? Well, the time has finally come and he is now at the age where he ACTUALLY has people to call, plans to make and places to go... ?? So, I’m ready to give in and let him have his much desired phone. Insert, Palm. Palm is a smaller cellphone perfect for your kiddos introduction to this crazy world of technology. It’s a smartphone, but on a much smaller scale to help prevent kids from getting consumed by screen-time. Bonus —> It’s made with gorilla glass, making it durable for those kiddos constantly on the go, and water-resistant for those unpreventable oops-ies. Looks like Everett will be asking for a phone now too ?? #thestruggleisreal” - Sierra Phan, mom to 11-year-old


“Mason loves to grab my phone and take photos and videos every chance he gets (I love finding random ones on my phone). ?? Now, thanks to Palm he can take as many photos and videos as he wants all while staying connected but still present, and not overly consumed with a giant screen. I love that! It’s been over a year since we did a digital detox and did away with tablets and such for our kiddos. It’s the best thing we could have done! ???? #lifemode #palmcrew @palm makes a great first mobile device for kids! It is about the size of a credit card, the simple menu is easy to navigate with access to all the latest kid-friendly apps. With Gorilla glass, Palm is super durable and is both water and dust resistant, so you can bring it with you on every adventure life takes you! Let’s encourage kids to pay less attention to their screens and more attention to what matters most in life! This all starts with the technology we put into the palm of our kid’s hands.” - Rachelle Joseph, mom to 8-year-old

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“So, the kids just got their first phone! I know, I know. They’re only six. Bear with me… . . Matt and I have been on the lookout for something that would let us stay connected with the triplets while they're away at Nana and Papa’s or for when mommy and daddy get away by themselves. But, we didn’t want them to be consumed by a giant screen. . . When we were introduced to @palm I knew it would be perfect for them! It’s a great first phone for kids. It is about the size of a pack of gum and the simple menu is easy to navigate with access to all the latest kid-friendly apps. Not only is it super durable (it has Gorilla glass), it’s also both water and dust resistant, so they can bring it with them on every little adventure. . . I love that Palm encourages kids to pay less attention to screens and more attention to what matters most in life. . .” Angela Fry, mom to 6-year-old triplets


We love hearing how Palm is helping parents stay connected with their children. We didn’t want to just make a super small smartphone, we wanted to make a super small smartphone that gives users more freedom by helping them stay connected without being consumed by their technology. What’s more is we’re now offering super affordable plans made specifically for Palm users through our partnership with US Mobile. If you’re ready to get your children their first smartphone, now is a perfect time – buy yours today.